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What’s the minimum and maximum number that can play?

At this point, I can run up to 36 people in a game. The minimum number to run a game is 10 people (can be less but minimum price applies). For groups of 40+ enquire about special group rates. 

I have run events where there's been more than 36 people where part of the group subs in for another after each game mode.

How long does the game go for?

I can run an event for any amount of time. My pricing below is for 5 different game modes which normally takes around 2 hours. Each game mode goes for about 20min then after that, you come back to the game controller area and check the stats, top gun, most accurate, grave lover etc. The next game mode will then be explained, new rules and weapons introduced, then you're into another game.

What’s the best age for this?

Depends on the person but generally but the best age is seven years and up. There is also a kids mode for younger kids which spreads the beam and makes it easier to shoot. But the best thing about these guns is the technology, they’re made to shoot at longer distances with the laser sight accurate to an inch up to 180m. Everyone who’s played is blown away and surprised by how good the tech is. 

Is Battle Combat laser tag just a kids game?

Adults thrive in this game. Let your natural hunting and competitive nature come out. This is like real-life war games, without the pain. You wouldn’t have played anything like it before.

How heavy are the laser guns?

The laser tag guns are light, at around 2-3kg.

How much does it cost to play Battle Combat laser tag?

It's $25+GST per person so $28.75 for an event which comprises of 5 different game modes which usually takes around 2hrs.. For larger groups 40+ or events enquire about special rates. I can play less than ten people but the minimum fee of $287.50 still applies.

Is there different pricing for school or larger groups?

Enquire about special rates for school camps or any event where there are large numbers (over 35 players) and where a one-off fee for a set time is more applicable.

Can you play day or night?

Yes! We can play day or night. I prefer playing during daylight hours as it gets difficult running around and not being able to see underfoot. Night mode option does allow you to play at night as the lights on the gun and headsets light up to allow you something to aim at..

Can you play outdoors only?

You can play both outdoors and indoors but it's weather dependant. I can’t run outdoor events in the rain (electronics). I have a blow up battle field which can be put up for larger events of 25+ people, great for a large indoor space to create  or even an open flat outdoor area to provide coverage and instantly transform any normal open area.

Is there much running involved?

Yes! You can go as hard as you like but generally, it’s a real work out! Lots of running around, ducking and hiding. Prepare to dress down to keep cool. Bring some water!

How do you know you’ve shot someone in Battle Combat laser tag?

Your sight turns from red to green, your gun says KILL and their headset lights up. Triple feedback!!

What happens when you get shot?

Your gun makes a hit then death noise, when you die, your gun goes dead. You have to then go back to your base and push the red button on the respawn box and your gun says 'locked and loaded', rearms, and you’re back in the game!

Are there different guns you can get?

Yes! There are over 80 different guns you can have depending on which game mode you play. The game engine or software gives you in-game gun upgrades, UAV support, armour, second lives, air bombing raids, helicopter support and much more! Unlock these by going on hitting sprees.

Where do you play?

We play at a range of central wooded areas in Dunedin and with the blow-up battlefield all you need is a decent space to set up indoor or outdoor. You can also set up a pretty fun event at your own home or workplace. Note the blow up battlefield is for larger groups of 25+ people and costs of hiring an indoor space is at the clients own costs unless otherwise discussed.

Why would you or who plays Battle Combat laser tag?

Battle Combat is awesome for birthday parties, team building, corporate fun, stags or hens, reunions and just any group who’re keen to get out and have a lot of fun.

What games can you play?

Popular games include:

  • Domination - Shoot and control the domination point to gain points for your team. The team with the most points wins or first to 600 points wins.
  • Deathmatch - Team vs team, the team with the most kills at the end wins.
  • Team Sniper - Collect kills with the over-powered sniper rifle. The person with the most kills at the end wins.
  • Free-for-All - There are no friends out there! Outscore everyone else to win.
  • Gun Game - All vs all, your gun gets upgraded with every kill, and the more you kill the more powerful and accurate your gun becomes. The person with the most kills wins.
  • Infection - Red team must survive the infection spread by the green team. If killed, you will join the infected.
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